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New Services

The elements of the development and new options for activities in Regéc Castle

Castle – Keep – new covered permanent exhibition space

Lapidarium (ground floor and first floor)

Carved stones found during excavations will be on view.

Interactive exhibition space (first floor)

Installation of multi-touch screens and interactive panels focusing on the following subjects: How did the owners of the castle react to increasing firepower and what new defensive measures did they take? Why was the castle located right on this hilltop? How could the castle be attacked and defended? How did the canon ball fly? How could the castle be built on a hilltop? How were the building materials transported up the hill? Daily life in the castle (fetching water, storing food, daily chores).

Look-Out Tower (third floor)

Easily reached look-out tower with a panorama of the Zemplén hills and the Hernád valley.

Inner Ward

Visitors will have 3 kronoscopes at their disposal. These are rather like telescopes but, when you look into one, you see the castle in its heyday.

Information building

The cash desk, snack bar, rest area and toilet facilities will be located in the information building. Here visitors can buy tickets, find out about what to do and see, and enjoy refreshments while admiring the beautiful countryside after a tiring tour round the castle.

Cultural events space

Mediaeval tournaments will be re-enacted in a faithful replica of the lists, and there will be a stage for music, dance and other cultural events. Fun for younger visitors is guaranteed in the historical playground and obstacle course.

Regéc Castle Visitor Centre

The permanent exhibition gives an insight into the childhood of Prince Francis II Rákóczi, the time he spent in the castle and important events. Modern 21st-century installations, multi-touch screens, interactive terminals, monitors and projectors help to turn the spectacle into an experience and make children’s learning playful.

Things to see and do, facilities

  • Building a screening room for showing a 3D film of the turbulent history of the castle and its famous owners,
  • Museum education activities focusing on the history of the castle,
  • Lapidarium and temporary exhibition area (providing constant dynamism for the services offered by the reception building),
  • Integrated visitor management system,
  • Other services
  • Left luggage lockers,
  • Toilets,
  • Gift shop,
  • Snack bar/café/cake shop

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